Quotescapes Overcoming Fear Answers

In this article we are sharing the answer for Quotescapes Level Overcoming Fear. Quotescapes is the best version of puzzle word games at the moment. This game presents the best combination of word search and word swipe games. In each level, you will be given several letters and you need to find the correct answer and clear the simple grid. The words are just anagrams of these letters and will test your knowledge and give you the chance to learn more.

Quotescapes Overcoming Fear Answers:

These are all the quotes that may be find within this category :

  • Why is it that when we get older, we get more fearful?
  • Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence.
  • We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.
  • How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.
  • Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends.
  • My biggest fear is looking weak, girly, and pathetic.
  • Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.
  • When men don’t fear God, they give themselves to evil.
  • Fear is a powerful beast. But we can learn to ride it.

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